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What to Wear While Working from Home


The lockdowns of 2020 now seem like a distant memory; however, the pandemic instigated multiple cultural and societal changes, including the rising number of people working from home. Due to the desire for a healthy work-life balance and a reanalysis of office culture, many have continued a remote or hybrid work approach.

But what on Earth do you wear while working from home? We’ve all been guilty of joining Zoom meetings wearing a professional blouse and sneaky pyjama bottoms just out of shot, but many find they are far more productive when they get ready for the working day as if they were off to the office. If you struggle with maintaining a balance between comfort and professionalism, consider these suggestions for remote working outfits. 

Getting Ready

A major piece of advice any experienced remote worker will give you is that getting up, showered and dressed for the day vastly improves your mood and productivity. Sitting in your pyjamas all day may be tempting, particularly when the weather is cold and dreary, but it will only make you feel stale and unmotivated. 

Not that you have to leap out of bed and go for a morning jog before you start work (although this might be a fantastic way to kickstart your day), but sticking to a refreshing, energising morning routine could help you meet targets and improve your mental well-being. Find what works best for you - perhaps brewing a fresh pot of coffee or donning an outfit that makes you feel great. 

Office-Appropriate Wear

Depending on whether your remote job involves being in front of a webcam or not, office wear is somewhat redundant. However, if you’re still transitioning from location to home office, professional attire may help you adjust. Some jobs also require their remote employees to come into the office without much notice, so being ready and raring to go could save you a lot of time. 

Consider wearing smart yet comfortable outfits to ensure you are ready to answer Zoom calls without appearing unprofessional and disorganised. Instead of the typical figure-hugging pencil dresses and stiff tailored jackets often seen in office environments, opt for loose-fitting, appropriate attire, including wide-leg trousers, flowy, relaxed-fit dresses and slouchy blouses. 

Business Casual

Take down the professional energy a notch, and you have business casual - this describes a style that is more casual than traditional business wear but still one that is considered office-appropriate. If you struggle with balancing formal and casual, business casual may be your perfect happy medium.

Business casual provides you with an opportunity to add cosy fabrics into your professional wardrobe, such as cashmere, wool and bamboo. Consider styling a pair of comfortable black cigarette trousers with an oversized cashmere sweater, or add a thin leather waist belt to a slouchy turtleneck jumper dress to add structure. 


Suppose your job doesn’t involve joining Zoom meetings or making the odd dash into the office. In that case, you can wear whatever you like, provided you feel comfortable and productive. Whether your everyday work attire consists of your favourite jeans and t-shirt combo or something with a little more flare, it is always a wise idea to don an outfit in which you’d be comfortable popping out for lunch or to the shop. This saves you from having to make multiple changes throughout the day. 

Working from home means your uniform could easily consist of snuggly hoodies, cosy co-ords and fuzzy socks. The beauty of loungewear is that it’s the perfect balance between pyjamas and casualwear - comfortable enough to sleep in yet acceptable to wear out in public (or to work). 

Office Capsule Wardrobe

If choosing your daily outfits proves challenging, consider building a capsule wardrobe consisting of comfortable, work-appropriate interchangeable garments. The genius of a capsule wardrobe is that you can easily create a number of put-together outfits with little-to-no effort. 

The building blocks of your capsule wardrobe are your basics - by having multiple neutral-coloured tops and bottoms that work together, you can add extra layers and accessories to dress your outfit up or down as required. For example, to black trousers and a white t-shirt, you could add a tailored blazer for a business-casual look or a slouchy cardigan for something a little more relaxed.